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Lab Tests Online is designed to avail you, the patient or caregiver, understand the what, why, and how of science laboratory testing. To approach the primary resources on this website, you can go to the full listings below: To learn more just about science lab medicine in comprehensive and gain a greater knowing of how laboratory scrutiny can impact your healthcare, verbalize the following in-depth articles. These patient resources are planned to assistant you navigate the testing process, condition circumstance for the tests that you may have through and give you a fitter understanding of your run results.

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Endocrine System

Ever dozed through and through chemical science course of study and wondered what social relation had to do with you? Your body produces its own chemicals and uses them to bodily function certain functions, and the main system that coordinates these chemicals is known as the endocrine system. Although we rarely think about the secretory organ system, it influences almost all cell, organ, and usefulness of our bodies. The endocrine gland system plays a role in control mood, growth and development, tissue function, metabolism, and intersexual utility and procreative processes.

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Blood Tests | National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)

Blood tests resource doctors invoice for doomed diseases and conditions. They as well help check the relation of your organs and show how good treatments are working. Specifically, bloodline tests can assistance doctors: genealogy tests are very common.

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Patient Resources | Lab Tests Online

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