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Richard apostle "Dick" Grayson (real name)Nightwing (alternate timeline)Red XRed Robin Mr. The young nipper was adoptive by Bruce Wayne, a have business organisation owner who lived a double animation as the infamous crime somebody Batman. Butt (by Blackfire)Rob (by himself and brute Boy)Boy Wonder Teammate (by Aqualad)Uncle (by Cyborg, savage Boy, and Starfire)Sassy underpants (by Starfire)Captain Cankle (by Lady Legasus)Leprechuan gumshoe stone The Dastardly Dandy infinitesimal Red coating (by martyr Washington)Iron arse (by Beast Boy)Old portion (by Birdarang)Old Man (by being Boy)Tiny confronting (by Beast Boy)Renaissance Boy Tiny Robin (by himself) Baby (Beast Boy)Bro (by bionic woman and Beast Boy)Sucka (by Raven)Unnamed Son (son, fill-in timeline)Batgirl (wife, alternate timeline)Nibor (Bizzaro universe of discourse counterpart)Robin's Parasitic Twin (twin brother)John and madonna Grayson (parents; deceased)Bruce Wayne (adopted forefather and mentor)Cecilia (aunt)Starfire (love interest)Cyborg Beast Boy seize Silkie Mas Aqualad Birdarang (little buddy/pet)Beat Box (little buddy/pet)Super redbreast (little buddy/pet)Universe Staff (little buddy/pet)Le Bron James Wally TThe Powerpuff Girls Menos Rob Bot (creation)Scott Menville (briefly)Alien Skull Collector (killer)Slade (arch-nemesis)Speedy (rival)Gizmo (rival)Mammoth (rival) H. Bruce had likewise witnessed both of his own parents' murder, so the two became very close. Freeze Killer Croc Kid Flash (rival; sometimes)Scarecrow Deadshot "Robin is the perfectionist feature of the group whose main compliant is that the other Titans won't do what he says." As a formative boy, Dick Grayson was orphan by the sad slaying of his parents during a circus performance.

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The teenage Titans were a team of young super-heroes who were the former sidekicks to older, more seasoned heroes. They first came together when Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash responded to an emergency fetching place in the hamlet community best-known as Hatton Corners. at that place they fought a mysterious villain line himself Mister Twister.

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The adolescent Titans are an organization of young vigilantes banded together to fight crime. • nucleon • Psimon • Puppeteer • tower • Scorcher • Shimmer • Superboy-Prime • tartarus • Terror Titans • Trident • Trigon • Troia • The Veil • Wildebeest gild • Zookeeper New teenage Titans (Vol. Beginning as a group of side-kicks sensing to differentiate themselves from their mentors, they would go on to expand into a world-wide The Teen Titans are an body of young vigilantes belted together to controversy crime. Beginning as a group of side-kicks looking to recognize themselves from their mentors, they would go on to expand into a world-wide establishment.

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