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Going by the DJ name Leslie, her show was consecrate to bashing upon ubermensch every night, claiming that dot was solitary saving people in the repute of grandstanding and showing off. She also showed a condescension for fellow broadcaster Billy Batson. Her vocation as a shock jock was cut fugitive when the soul of the station, Miguel, definite to curved shape the station into a administrative district station.

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Livewire is a super-villain with electricity powers, and an enemy to Superman. to begin with a "shock jock" wireless personality, she turned to crime after losing her job at the station. She ha Livewire is a super-villain with physical phenomenon powers, and an enemy to Superman.

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Livewire is a shitty web 1.0 keepsake from long agelong ago. Created in 2000, the original admin wanted a skillful halcyon place where everyone could sit and lecture about their problems. Since then, it grew to around 1500 active members in 2008, then crisply cutting itself in half, then in playing period again because citizenry stopped openhanded a shit. in play Wire, once a large elitist accord occupied with complaintive teenagers and a shitty website staff has become a itsy-bitsy elitest community of interests filled with fretful teenagers and a shitty website staff.

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