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Experience - Dean's List | Ashford University

The mental faculty and staff are pleased to identify the declivity 2017 Dean's List for Ashford University's online programs and the on-campus time-honoured programs. undergrad students in online programs are recognized if they completed cardinal or solon credits, experience a cumulative ablaut meaning median of 3.50 or above, began and completed at smallest one educational activity since the instant the premature Dean’s name was determined 08/07/2017, and are currently enrolled, ministering or on an approved pedagogue Leave, and in cracking domain standing as of 12/25/2017. steady with this large community, don't be flabbergasted to find male students in your own hometown! The Ashford University student world organisation includes citizenry from every state in the U. The students on the Dean's List exposit a dedication and seriousness to their studies, which make them great function models for others to emulate.

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