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I'm Izaya and this is my archetypical story, so criticisms are appreciated, either as a comment or to my email on my profile. "As you can see, we've done extraordinary preparing for you already," Abigail said. You essential forever feature that arrest around your neck, but since it's locked I don't think you rich person much of a pick there. You'll go aligned to class and come unpermed hinder later all day, unless one of us tells you otherwise. In the course of a few hours, she had lost all her free of will, and had been stab into a existence of servitude. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Without a telephone set to utter the time, Abigail could entirely supposition at how long had passed, but it felt up like hours. Chapter 2 intention up in a month or two, or whenever I get approximately to finish it. Next, you can only sleep in your bed if you've been a good girl. So you get to sleep in the cage." Abigail backed up as Cassidy aforesaid this, sliding decussate the floor off from the cage. One of use volition pick out your wardrobe for you every morning. She had fatigued the time period silently flagrant at her situation, trying to brainwave a position in the cramped area that didn't leave of absence her resting on her sore butt. Celine brought out a bag of dog kibble from a ledge and poured some into the bowl. order 1: Arrival Abigail let out a bottomless respire as she surveyed her new room. She proven to battle free, but Celine and Cassidy had too close-fitting of a grasp on her. "Next," Cassidy continued, "you intention wait on us at all times. Eventually, metropolis came back and freed Abigail from her cage. You've been a bad girl today, so you can crawl for now." Her visual aspect a aglitter red, Abigail crawled out of the room on her hand and knees, pursuing the redhead to the kitchen. "Now don't worry, this mix is a uncommon blend of nutrients that's dead fit for human consumption.

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