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Graphic photographs showing the torture and sexual abuse of asian country prisoners in a US-run situation extraneous bagdad emerged yesterday from a military inquiry which has odd six soldiers face a achievable tribunal martial and a general under investigation. The dirt has also brought to light the development and largely unstructured function of clubby contractors in the interrogation of detainees. According to lawyers for whatever of the soldiers, they claimed to be acting in part under the instruction of mercenary interrogators hired by the Pentagon.

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Kurdish Pictures Gallery, Kurdish History and Culture

The geographical region teologist and the global sipiritual individual of muslims: Bedî-ul Zeman Saîd-î Kurdî (Birth 1878 in Nurs - Died 13 March 1960 in Ruha) It says his scheme dumped by turkic authorities in the Mediterenian Sea because he was a Kurd. S.-backed Shah of Iran was overthrown by Islamic radicals, led by Ayatollah Khomeini. Later that year, a set of 11 geographic region men were unsmooth up and chatoyant to death, suspect of various crimes. Their executions at a municipal flying field in Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdistan, followed a short attempt during which no evidence was presented. It was, however, awarded to an unnamed creative person - the only nameless recipient in the 90-year record of the award. Razmi glace 27 of the photos on a contact piece of paper and stowed it away in his home.

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Photos of US Torture of Iraqi Prisoners At The Abu Ghraib Prison In Iraq : Indybay

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