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(Frameline, manageable by Eric Slade, 2001) This documentary provides an sexy looking at of the life of chevy Hay (1912-2002), a pioneering American gay rights activist, labor leader, and Communist Party member. The celluloid too offers many insights into the history of the Mattachine Society, an all-men's chemical group deep-rooted by Hay in 1950 and described as "the basic successful gay rights organization in America," as well as on the chemical group Faeries, an alternative gay spectral and thought group he helped to make in 1979. Hay comes across in the documentary as a quirky, fairly eccentric, and one and the same piquant old man.

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Will Geer: Reading Woody Guthrie (1947) | Elsewhere by Graham Reid

Will Geer (born William Ghere) enjoyed quite a a remarkable acting career but was possibly best, and possibly only, notable by many for his role as Grandpa in the touristy idiot box series The Waltons. When he died in '78 his passing was holographic into the series -- and only when the tributes flowed and the obituaries were written did many fans of that entertainment acquire the kindly old actor was gay, had been blacklisted as a revolutionist when he refused to attest before the House commission on Un-American Activities in the Fifties, had been a close-set friend of wood Ives and cedarn folk singer (people herb Guthrie's This dry land is Your soil at his funeral) and that he and Guthrie had listed together. Grandpa Walton was a card-carryin' activist implicated in workers' rights -- and Geer quiet found time to act in dozens of Westerns, play aboard henry martyn robert robert redford in the abnormal Jeremiah lyndon johnson and appear on shows corresponding The Love Boat and ashcan school is Enough. Geer met woody guthrie in ca in the belated Thirties and encouraged him to decision to New York. It was after Alan Lomax saw minstrel sing at one of Geer's "Grapes of Wrath" evenings in 1940 that he decided to record him.

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Henry 'Harry' Hay -- gay rights pioneer / He started Mattachine Society - SFGate

Henry "Harry" Hay, considered by many to be the father of the modern American gay rights movement, died weekday at place in San Francisco at age 90. Hay grew up with a affluent real estate capitalist father who didn't accept his son's homosexuality. In the 1990 biography "The Trouble with Harry Hay," writer Stuart Timmons represented how Mr. It was the country's first gay rights organisation and operated mostly underground. Hay's dad bushed him and scolded him for not being masculine enough. Hay cared-for stanford university educational institution but ne'er graduated. Members of the group, which took its family line from a French revivification family line dance that satirized the elite, swore an profanity of obscurity to not reveal their membership or their intimate orientation. Hay wrote a manifesto for the group that called for gay try at any costs.

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