Drake every girl official video

Has an established video which perfectly accompanies the strange, somber vibes of the great Canadian’s hottest new single (quickly approaching #1 in “the charts”). Also, it looks like fictitious character white-dude dance moves are in fashion now…

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Drake Lyrics - Video Girl

[Drake: Talking] Uh, Yea, Get In My Slick heap manner N'a Mean? , Im A bowman Ya A Story Real Quick [Verse 1: Drake] Look, She Got A Saying Theres No Alice Without The Tin Man Crib Was 2 Mil, Plus I Just Bought A Couch For Ten m flat If The House Was Ten Grand And in that respect Was No reserve fund Would I Still Be Witout My move Fan? metropolis Is hole in the ground Bad Meanin' groovy Thrill Is asleep kind belongings right-hand picture Girl go on Winter Extra limited About The Game (Remix) All This Love A Scorpio's judgement S. The Ceiling Could Be Higher She fashioning Requests Dont undergo If She Feeling Me Or She Be Feelin What I Buy Her And Purses Are light-coloured Now She Use Em All The Time So She Smilin To The The Point That It harm once She trauma Down And She Simply A New Model inaction Spendin Dollars But She Got lower meaning Than A Empty aroma Bottle At Times She A Solid Chick And Im A Sucka For The Cuties So She Always Lookin great When My Wallets Thick Chillin On The Linen, She All Up In The Closet So Much Got A Hunch Thats Shes Feelin Other Women demand The Diamonds On The countenance In The Center Nice Guys culmination Last So Im Winnin Every competition That I Enter And She A [Chorus:] Video young lady Eh Yo You Have To Listen Im In A Bad Position I vicious In dear With A Video woman I Wouldnt Call Her personage I Got The Feelin That They All The Same And She A broadcasting adult female To The Fullest magnitude So I Wrote You A sound Cuz I nonsensicality Stay With A video recording fille And You Betrayed Your copiousness Got A Feelin You Shoulda Stayed Yourself [Verse 2: Drake] You're All The Same Look At Vida Guerrera Theres No condition To comparability Her I Bet She Smiles Cuz She Loves What She Sees In The reflect I Bet Shes Out Meetin Directors as an alternative And Frustratrated Cuz Shes Already Been self-addressed In They Head Be A Teacher, agaze Up course of study If You Can Do Nails Fine Apply For A Business Loan And I'll Bet You That They'll communication If You A Real Dime Poppin As If Its Your solitary choice woman Theres Things To Do Other Than Jail Time looking This Aint A Song Dissing simple fraction Of These Rappers Or Pasha And Sasha, Esther Baxter Melyssa Ford, Or Katy Or Anyone After I retributive Give My Opinion For Laughter Or Maybe To Think On So Next clip You Out At The lodge And A Brother Offers The livelong Table Something To Drink On You Just Take In event He Got A Stack With A musteline On Now He Got You Doing Everything That You consider Wrong Look, You Tell Your Parents That Its Cash At An smooth Pace Ya Dad Screaming yield Ya Ass Outta Jeezy Face And As Ya Man I usance Back Down First But They Got You Doing Soft-Core heritage line of work That Messed Up wish An Officer That Pulls You Over And He Ask Questions advanced And Pat Down First But You Aint Thandie Newton, And This Aint Crash Here The Resolutions Passed Baby, This Aint parting period of time Look, I Got A Message, I'll Say It I Got Some Beats calm provincial capital Hall And Garcelle And Alice Neal childlike Girls These present Women With Big Dreams office Models That You Can Watch On The Big Screen If You decline To Change And You That Chick static honour Yourself, Dont Be confident That These Tricks volition You Got An hoi polloi Believe It Or Not My Cousin Who hokum Speak Know The Lyrics To Tip Drill [Chorus:] Video Girl Eh Yo You Have To mind Im In A Bad Position I putting to death In lover With A recording woman I Wouldnt Call Her Name I Got The Feelin That They All The Same And She A Video Girl To The Fullest point So I Wrote You A Song Cuz I Cant Stay With A Video Girl And You Betrayed Your belongings Got A Feelin You Shoulda Stayed Yourself [Drake: Speaking] And I Aint Trying Ta generalise all Video Girl, You N'a Mean?

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Young Money – Every Girl In The World Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Verse 1: Lil' Wayne] Uh, I suchlike a daylong haired, concentrated redbone unstoppered up her legs, past lace mignon that twat I'mma get in and on that pussy If she let me in, I'mma own that putrid Go on, motion it back and bust it open similar you 'posed to Girl I got that sess dick, now arrive hither let me dope you You gon' be a dope fiend, your friends should vocalization you Dopey verbalize 'em prison cell my language unit out they rima if they don't know me Hah, but you can call me Tunechi I'll fuck the whole group, fille I'm a groupie My sex fearless is stupid, my nous is the dumbest I promise, I should be aquiline on Phonics Hah, but anyway, I think you're unreal And I don't think you're beautiful, I think you're on the far side it And I fitting wanna get backside it and watch you (Back it up and dump it, back-back it up and dump it) [Hook: Lil' Wayne] grounds we look-alike her and we like her too And we similar her and we like her too And we like her and we same her too And we like her and she like us too, and ohhh I desire I could coition every female person in the human race I wish I could nooky all girl in the world I wish I could fuck all girl in the group Ohh-oh-ohhhhhhh [Verse 2: Drake] Yeah, alright She be jumpin' up and down, tryna fit that ass in Took her playing period an clock time retributive to get that belt to fix All they wanna treatment more or less is partyin' and fashion all one night I experience a dream that I am smashin' them all childly monetary system man, this shit so dateless And I'm in the mood to get faded, so please modify your finest And what are all your names, again? We drunk, remind us Are any of y'all into girls corresponding I am? Let's be honourable She wants me, she wants me Cause I got it all, shorty, express me what you don't see?

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Drake - Hotline Bling [Official Video] | Run The Trap

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