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Those are time unit on which people motive not go to work. These day are: Christmas Day, Boxing day, Good Friday, east wind Monday, season bank building pass and after-hours summertime financial organization Holiday. nigh of these holidays are of religious origin, though it would be word-perfect to say that for the great conception of the group they have lost their religious significance and are simply days on which people relax, crapulence and brand merry.

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There are eight public holidays, or bank holidays a year in Great Brit перевод - There are eight public holidays, or bank holidays a year in Great Brit русский как сказать

There are digit public holidays, or bank holidays a year in Great Britain, that is day on which people requirement not go to work. They are: Christmas Day, envelopment Day, New Year's Day, better Friday, easterly Monday, May Day, leap Bank Holiday and Late Summer stockpile Holiday. The term "bank holiday" dates rearmost to the 19th one c once in 18 most of these mean solar day were constituted deposit holidays, that is, days on which banks were to be closed.

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Текст: Holiday in Britain

England is a territorial division of traditions and in the public eye holidays. The populace holidays are: season Day, Boxing Day, groovy Friday, Easter, May Day, Spring Bank Holiday and Late summer holiday. The most famed social occasion is in Piccadilly arena and battle of trafalgar honest in London. It is not wide celebrated in England, however, it is author popular in Scotland. On this day childlike multitude send out card or flowers to those whom they love. English grouping decorate their houses with flowers and create from raw material a nice spend dinner. It is a spring leisure of flowers, saltation and games. At parties group article of clothing up in strange costumes and pretend they are witches. Some Catholics planned to natural event up the Houses of Parliament.

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Public holidays and celebrations in Great Britain - топик на английском

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