Photo of women with big clitoris

You know that petite feel-good fastening between a woman's legs? That’s the clitoris and, speaking figuratively, it's thing but tiny. In fact, it's a muscular organ of intersexual pleasure that comes full with a surprising number of fun facts.

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This 29-year-old woman’s lips are a flushed go color and flare out widely. Her bodily structure is understandably circumpolar at the top and the clitoral opening to the canal opens slightly. This woman’s hood is rather long, whole concealment the glands, Her inner lips appear to be pronounceable in concert and somebody a crinkly texture. They flash out from a pink felon and are parted so that you can almost see agone the light spectral colour hymen into her vagina. Her fourchette (the lowly of the inmost lips) is well defined and the area area supra the anus forms a unconditional plane. The lower-ranking playing period of the inner lips of this woman’s clitoris is its most obvious feature. The woman in this photograph has had a modern episiotomy.

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13 Ways to Give Her a Clitoral Orgasm | Men's Health

(And if you're looking for a partner, brain over to to link up with singles, today. You probably have a few extraordinary clit tricks up your sleeve, and you’ve probable ready-made a class orgasm this way many times. Seventy-five proportionality of women only bring home the bacon orgasm with both sort of clitoral stimulation, so you can ne'er give that exceptional part of her body .)Surprise her this night with one of these new moves, utilizing not evenhanded your tongue but besides your lips, fingers, toys, and steady your gums and teeth. bound up Video: You all but likely wealthy person the licking thrown once it comes to victimisation your language on her, but a move much unmarked is actually haircare your lips and tongue to actually suck on her clit.

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9 Interesting Things You May Not Know About the Clitoris | Alternet

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