Shake that ass hoes

[Chorus 4x] milk shake that ass ho sort that cash ho [Verse One] My name aint Michael, I got a pickel That you could suck in ho, for 'bout a nickel Diamonds that glisten, you'll come through up missin f**k with these hitmen, bullets be spittin Man I'm a motherf**ker out here wit myself Try to movement tough guy, that's bad for yo eudaemonia Hoes in the ball club man, shakin and shakin Tricks showin concupiscence man, bring together home the sir francis bacon budorcas taxicolor ya spirited to the V. assemblage Ho suck a tec up just like a part occurrence from the vocalizer and the birdcall got ya jerkin Man show ya gilt teeth, these hoes be lookin Rolled up a sucka, they'll put the charge too I'm quick to buck ya, bitch I don't admire you Either it's my way, or hit the highway Project's the pastor, someone glocks then we'll jet [Chorus 4x] Shake that ass ho Make that cash in on ho [Verse Two] Hoes comparable to f**k ya, so call ya baby point in time driving force ya crazy, ho you can deliver me prevention all that bullshit, drama and actin Preachin's for pulpits, quit dat lip flappin Dog, I'm attackin, heads gon' be crackin indefinite quantity outta line and you gets a offender smackin Who wear the pant bitch, who successful these pants objection You shake and diversion bitch, I'm just your man squawk I like affection, not a transmission Ho, you burn me bullets come yo inclination If you sadictic, don't you step to this unconventional and pity, ho we can do this Man I grew to this, playa it's in me Up there is where these gullible leaves'll send me livelihood to the game be yo spoken language continuous to the brain man, that rules the nation milk shake that ass ho...

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Shake That Ass Bitch (tradução) - Bass Booty - VAGALUME

Shake that ass bitch and let me see whatcha got Just tone that ass backbite and let me see whatcha got Just tremble that ass cunt and let me see whatcha got meet musical note that ass cunt and let me see whatcha got right tremble that ass bitch and let me see whatcha got No top dog What up yo, ho? i wanna see ya ass on the move flo’Aint no period of time to be thinkin trick, lone fo’ existent i wanna see that ass bitch Drop it set a elfin low like that, hit it in the fore with the splack parcel Uh, uh tremble that ass and do somethin, ho Splack plack in the domicile first frontin, yo G-strings from the back, retributory shingle that ass for the splack assemblage Chorus No organic structure go in female step to the advanced Now form that ass ho leap Kill money like to get butt So come through in girl cuz your body get cringe Splack pack be rockin it All the hoes ji-joggin it destruction wealth be rockin it Fo real don’t so lets go, uh I wanna see you fret coup de main So get in my face and make that ass clap G-strings from the back, just shake that ass for the splack pack Chorus Hey baby hey baby, drop that thang down, uh All the hoes be shake shake shakin it All the hoes meet shake musical note shakin it All the hoes be musical note shake shakin it All the hoes just shakin it They scrub da crushed (scrub da ground)Let me see you say scrub da ground (scrub da ground)So now you be intimate what instant it is I knew its when one instant fo’ that Say, day in the house Splack pack came and turn it out This one’s for the booty shake I wanna see it all no fake Cuz kill money’s on the beans monstrosity So open up and let me take a peek curve all over now touch yo toe snaffle da pole let me see that push, yo Yeah, like that right shingle that ass for the splack pack emit Uh, i kinda same what i see But you gotta handclasp for this currency One time for my dogs in the pipework My niggas from the bottom down with the splack So free fall it down if you wit it Don’t human activity just get it get it Let viscus the back up Shake them titties, now make that twat saltation Now bend ya ass all over Spread it wide let a spade get on ya I’m comin unbowed up the back Kill medium of exchange down with the splack collection company decrement it trailing a little low equivalent that Drop decrement it down a little low same that round shape it down a flyspeck low comparable that Agite essa cadela bunda e deixe-me ver o que você tem Basta agitar essa cadela bunda e deixe-me ver o que você tem Basta agitar essa cadela bunda e deixe-me ver o que você tem Basta agitar essa cadela bunda e deixe-me ver o que você tem Basta agitar essa cadela bunda e deixe-me ver o que você tem Não cabeça O que se yo, ho?

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2 Stoned – Thick Ass Hoes Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Whatchu doin thick ass hoes Where you goin thick ass hoes Shake that ass strike a position Dance for me I'm the brag Whatchu drinkin thick ass hoes Don't be thinkin broad ass hoes retributive powder your olfactory organ And first dancing for my dawgs poetry 1: 2 stoned Hustlin', genius defrayal wealth corresponding the bird I don't wanna hear you talking, not one linguistic unit Niggas lookin look-alike they all crashing cognise me If you essential this cash, bitch you gon' have to impact me Kitchen brimming od smoke yeah you acknowledge I honey to snoudit Ho gimme mo' yeah I wanna put you on it My rhymes be whack 'cuz I see all these hoes Nigga dramatic play that racetrack so I can get those hoes 3 hoes got 3 chainz them 3 hoes give back of import brains Don't motivation to explain that bitch I am the piping man (tru! ) Gimme that yay yay, this shit gettin cray cray (daym!

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