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You heard the lines in a song, that got you saying damn! What are your favorites rhyme or two from a song, old or new?

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Gucci Mane | Uncyclopedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Radric Davis (born February 12nd, 1983), best better-known by his time period family line Gucci Mane, is a C. In Atlanta, you can't crip walk, smoke crack, or shoot dice, without hearing his name. of good person Squad Entertainment and the best friend of Shawty Lo. warder won't you spring me my freedom" is a pop phrase by Gucci. It's not because he oft includes disrespecting messages toward celebrities like T. or Eminem in his redundant music, or because he still commands the allegiance of brobdingnagian portions of the city's Bloods, but because he has prevailed as a dominant figure among the younger populations in state capital who empathize with his virulent love of sexy promiscuousness and unrestrained take in use.

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GUCCI MANE : Go Head (Shawty Got A Ass On Her) lyrics

Mac Bree-Z) [Hook:] Go Head, Go Head Go Head, Go mind Go Head, Go Head Go Head, Babygirl Go Head Go Head, Go brain Go Head, Go caput Go Head, Go Head Go brain [Chorus: x2] Shawtii gotta ass on ha (on ha) Imma put my safekeeping on ha (on ha) Imma run through a couple grand on ha (on ha) Imma pop a rubberband on ha (on ha) [Verse 1: GUCCI MANE] Im tryna figure which girl imma see today (see today). Picked up a immature gurl, looked comparable Lisa Ray (Lisa Ray). When I seen ha in da guild aforementioned I gots to get ha (gots to get ha), Cuz she might be Trina sista (Trina sista).

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